Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Robot on Violin

The process begins again! To make these faster I've been sketching in photoshop, then printing and lightboxing over to ink it (as my regular inks are more precise/controlled than my digi inks). Basically, this allows me to resize, skew, flip, rearrange, rotate, etc everything so that I save my poor erasers. And if I like a bit, and its the wrong size, its no biggie cuz I can just use the transform tool to get it the size it needs to be! ^^

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  1. Awesome Jen. I love reading about process. I've been doing more ink on paper work lately. I'm a much better digital painter than inker although I do use digital ink for corrections and it works fine. I'm still using the blue pencils and my process involves using PS for all the transform, warp, skew, flip corrections after scanning the inks. I love the idea of saving erasers and making corrections to a sketch is always easier. This is very interesting Jen... Thanks!