Friday, May 22, 2009

Continuation of my Mid-level city. There's so many things I forgot to include in the sketch that I find myself creating specifically for the digital version. As a result I can only work on this thing a little at a time because there's soooooo much stuff and the computer is a tedius thing to ink with (now gimme a brush and a micron, and then we're talkin). However, it would've ben nearly impossible to ink with this level of detail traditionally, even with a lightbox, as not only is the sketch insanely messy, but the details would kill my poor eyes (thankfull, Photoshop has a zoom tool!) So yeah, for your enjoyment, some details:

Sort of a work in progress of Nico from Runaways. Wanted to practice a painting style, so this one was 100% digital. Sadly, everything but the face and some of the hair is really rough, but maybe one day I'll finish it!Hair+Face detail.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Work in progress

Work in progress cityscape (sort of) that I'm working on for my concept art portfolio. I decided to digitally ink this one since the original sketch is sooo messy I'd destroy the paper trying to erase the pencil lines. Sadly, this is only like, a small corner of it...