Friday, September 18, 2009


So Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier of the Smodcast are having this art show at this gallery in LA and there's a contest for fans of the Smod to do an "art of smodcast". Here's the entry I'm working on:

It's kind of a smattering of all things smodcast, and done digitally because I was working my way through the archives while I was brainstorming ideas, and doing it in Photoshop seemed the best thing to do so I could cut/paste thumbnails, move 'em around, resize, etc. The things I've "Inked" so far are Schekkie, the Nazi-engineered weiner dog, the newspaper that's going to have a headline reading "Bryan Johnson: Crazed Shit-Eater", Scott Mosier as "The Scarlet Shrieker", the Harry Potter "Forgeticus" charm, and Kevin Smith and the parasite that takes over his cock and demands blood. Yep, lots of interesting things talked about in smodcast =D