Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Moghedian, my first character from Dragon Age Origins. Its a super-quick study, and for whatever reason I can't access the bioware screencaps, so I had to make to with the small portrait image I had, which really sucked. But yeah, I went with doe-eyes and pouty lips, which made her look kind of sad and vulnerable most of the time--an effect I really liked. BUT, alas, during the "love" scene with Alistair she just kinda looked depressed, more so than happy. Whoops. I also gave her the second skin condition thing (on the slider that lets you change how old your character looks) because I wanted her to kinda look like she doesn't get a lot of sleep--up studying magic or whatever. I also went with the braided bun style because she's got kind of a no-nonsense personality, and having her hair down would get in the way. And the tattoos...well, they just looked cool. Made bluish to go along with the old druidic-style tats. Hopefully I'll be able to do more in detail studies of her once I can figure out how to view the screencaps on my online profile =)

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